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Kitchen Design Layout

While deciding your kitchen design layout, you need to keep some things in mind - adequate light, ventilation, and especially functionality. More than the colors of the tiles, or cabinets, or counter tops, what is important is the ease with which you can or should be able to function in the kitchen. Before you go ahead and take a look at different kitchen design layout ideas, keep the following tips in mind, your first kitchen functional and beautiful later.

Kitchen Design Layout: Before you get started

as mentioned earlier unless you are not comfortable in your kitchen, unless you can not move around with ease, and if it does not fit your needs, your kitchen is going to cause you a lot of inconvenience.

The shape of the Kitchen and the available space; There are essentially four types of kitchen or layouts that are possible. This kitchen design layout plans to play an important role in determining the placement of appliances and storage spaces in the kitchen. ; The Corridor Kitchen: The kitchen shape is identified by parallel worksheet counters. One of the parties will be the home of the refrigerator and the stove or sink. ; The U-shaped kitchen: Similar to the corridor kitchen, this kitchen has an additional counter that connects the parallel sheets together. , The L-shaped kitchen: As the name suggests, the counter tops placed in an L-shape forming an angle used. The fridge is also in the L-form. If large enough, this kitchen the house of a small breakfast table. ; The island kitchen: An island counter is one that is placed in the middle of the cooking, with the other counter blades is performed in each of the forms mentioned above. If you work on a kitchen design layout with an island counter, then there should be sufficient space around the island to go for easy movement. At Read more on kitchen islands. , Work Triangle, The most important factor to be considered while making a kitchen design layout, the work triangle. A work triangle is primarily intended to bring to the fridge and hob. Return unnecessary movement of the sink, Ideally, the three of these are placed in a triangular fashion, to provide access to the key areas of the kitchen. For the purpose of easy access Important rules regarding the work triangle are:; Each side of the triangle should not exceed a length of nine meters, nor should it be any less than four meters. ; The triangle is to be formed in a region of a continuous work area. No boxes or other devices should be placed in the path of the work triangle. ; The perimeter of the triangle should not exceed 26 feet, nor should it be any less than 12 meters. , In case of a kitchen design layout with an island to go to ensure that the work triangle in the space between the island and the regular counter against. ; The work triangle is applicable to each and every kitchen design layout and is the most important rule in keeping a kitchen functional.

Integration of the devices; appeal to all devices that you want to include in your kitchen. Sometimes the kitchen size is not adequate enough to fit all devices. In such a case, give preference to devices that you need more than the others. The following is the list of devices that are usually placed in a kitchen:; Cooking / Counter Top Stove: Ensure that by the space on both sides of the hob for cooking and serving. It can also be placed counter. On an island Never place a stove in a corner. , Refrigerator: A refrigerator is a bulky device and must be placed in the corner, and not between markers. , Dishwasher: This goes under the counter, ideally located next to the sink, and the cabinet space. , Microwave: If possible, you can create to save counter space a tall cabinet with a space for a microwave. The maximum height at which the microwave is placed, should not exceed 4 meters. ; Electric Oven: Similar to the space for the microwave oven, the electric oven can be placed above or below the microwave oven, such as a convenience. Should be sufficient for you to operate and keep a watch on the oven with ease. Informed , Food Processor: This device requires counter space. ; Toaster: A toaster does not require much space and can be easily stored in a corner on the counter. , Hand Blender: This can be placed on a tripod on the wall and requires no separate counter space. , Once the location of these electrical devices have been completed, to ensure that you have appropriate outlets for each of these, that you are not working in the way while. Read more about kitchen appliances.

storage; Determine your storage requirements, and thus allocate space for the same. You can accommodate storage in the form of cabinets above the counter tops, with the exception of areas where there is a window, or on a chimney above the hob pass. Similarly, the storage operations are recorded in the form of cabinets under the counter, with the exception of the space which is required for the dishwasher. In some cases, it may be an island counter is also used to increase the storage capacity under the counter. As mentioned previously, if possible, the unit that houses the high and the microwave oven, may also be used for the above and below this storage devices. Read more about kitchen cabinets.

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