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Glass Scratch Repair


There are many different methods of glass repair scratch. One can choose a method, depending on the tools and / or materials they wish to use. Scratches may be removed by using a mixture of glycerine, jewellers rouge and water. The other two methods of glass scratch repair under nail polish and toothpaste as the ingredients. The following article would thus help how to repair scratches. In understanding the glass

Glass Scratch Repair

Before attempting to repair scratches on glass, it is necessary to do the "fingernail test." The movement of the nails of the fingers across the glass helps to determine whether scratches light. It is possible to remove them with many different methods. Glass scratch Some of these are described in the following sections. Read more about removing scratches from glass.

Jewellers Rouge and glycerine; The product is used to remove windows from scratch. Jewellers Rouge, which is coloured in red is to be used for glass scratch repair. Jewellers Rouge products vary in colour, and only the red is to be used. One would check the ingredients in order to see if it contains iron oxide. Jewellers Rouge with wax and aluminium oxide helps in polishing metals and polishing discs, should not be used. Once the correct Jewellers Rouge is selected, other components, that is to say that glycerine and water are mixed. The proportion of the ingredients must be as follows: 2 tablespoons glycerine, 2 tablespoons of the Jewellers Rouge and 2 tablespoons water. Vigorous mixing aids in the preparation of a perfect connection. The mixture should be applied to the glass surface. Soft Windows of cars are made ​​of safety glass, so they should be treated to prevent them from cracking carefully. Once the mixture dries, it must be removed using soapy water.
How to repair scratches on the glass with toothpaste The 'toothpaste' method of repairing scratches on the glass, it is useful to remove light scratches. The fingernail test would help determine the extent to which glass is scratched said. If there is a deeper scratch is seen, it is better to take professional help or just the whole glass.

Toothpaste should be applied on the glass so the entire surface tightly. Once the paste is hardened should be wiped with a soft cloth. Procedure for removing adhesive must be carefully followed. This is because, wipe the surface would cause new scratches. Roughly For deeper scratches, is a mixture of ground mustard and white vinegar applied to the glass. The process of removing this mixture, or rather paste method is similar to the 'toothpaste'. Vinegar-mustard mixture should be removed once it is completely dry. Buffing the dry layer of cotton helps in proper removal technique.

Glass Scratch Repair With Nail Polish, It is possible to remove even severe scratches with the help of nail polish. Using this method saves time and does not have a professional go for fixing the problem. A clear coated nail polish is used to get rid of scratches. The procedure of using nail polish is easy to follow. A nail polish layer to cover all scratches must be applied over the glass. Care should be taken to see that the layer is neither thick nor thin, optimal application serves the purpose. Once the nail polish is applied, should be allowed to dry completely. Nail polish remover does the work of removing the dry film effectively.
The process of glass scratch repair is very easy to follow. One can use one of three methods described above effectively remove glass scratches. The question of how to remove scratches from glass is satisfactorily answered in the article above.

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