Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Simple tips to loss weight in just one week


Now a days everyone wants to loss weight and want to become smart. But for this they do dieting and do exercises and sometimes they get tired and leave this job. Today I am going to tell you two very simple tips which can help you to loss some pounds very quickly in just one week. One method is pure protein based and other method is based on babies food. But before ready and practising these methods keep in mind that these are useful when you want to loss some pounds very quickly.

1) Pure Protein:-

The rule to follow is to eat only pure protein for a week:

Egg white,
Any type of fish,
Chicken, turkey,
5% beef fat,
All seafood
Cheese to 0%.
(All without fat choose aspartame, stevia, etc.)... Drink in
Skimmed milk
Water (very important)
Cola Light or Zero.

Avoid drinks with light fruit flavors, eg Taillefine because this diet does not call for sugar, even fruit, and the content of its beverages contain fruit sugars with their own. Moreover, you will see a glass of cola is fewer calories than glass Taillefine. And all this at will. And if you follow this program for a week you should lose between 3-5 pounds, each person is unique.

Attention:- Do not make more than one week, if you want to continue in this line, alternate every two weeks: pure protein and pure protein plus vegetables. (Always will).

2) Baby Food:-

Try to eat baby foods because they contain very less calories as compared to other food and they are specifically made for small stomach. Follow this diet plan.

- In the morning
2 sweet jars
1 coffee or 1tea.

- Midday
A small pot salt
A little sweet
A cheese 0%.

- Evening
A small pot salt

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