Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beauty products on travel


What can you bring the best?
  1. Wet tissue. Definitely a must-have for the road to do just to refresh, and also hygienic too. 
  2. Moisturiser. Travel is not really the perfect luxury for your skin. Varying temperatures, different weather conditions, humidity. You name it. Help your skin so a hand by holding it. Hydrated 
  3. Sun cream specifically for the face. Preferably the highest possible factor. For women: a tan we can easily fake it, but later in life you cover up wrinkles still takes a lot more effort (and money).
  4. Sunscreen shampoo. Helps you give her a hand to recover the chlorine, sunlight and temperature difference.
  5. Conditioner. For soft hair, which are easy to use.
  6. Make up wipes. A real lifesaver if you have made late in the evening and you really do not have time to have expanded to cleanse your face. But it's really better to dive. Using a clean, makeup-free face in bed.
  7.  Lip balm or lipstain in a pink color. Serves as blush and lipstick as simultaneously.
  8. Waterproof mascara. Handy for when you go swimming, for example. Tip: Use waterproof mascara just not for every day, because that's not very good for your lashes.
  9. Perfume. Wherever you are, wherever you're going, it's not nice to smell? Delicious summery and fruity Many cosmetic brands spend summer special editions of their perfumes.

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