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Carpet Cleaning Methods


Attractive, clean and elegant carpets can go a long way in improving your interior. The dust and dirt collected can pose a potential threat to the whole family. Carpets in the So occasionally cleaning the carpet is very much needed. But cleaning and maintaining the quality of the carpets is not always easy. Following are some of the most effective carpet cleaning methods, which are relatively easy.

Some effective Carpet Cleaning Methods

If you ask me what the best carpet cleaning method, I would say that dusting and vacuuming the carpet everyday. Well, the reason is, it will prevent more time consumption and cleaning. daily just lift the carpet and dust from the dirt. After this sweep the carpet with a broom. Then clean with a vacuum cleaner, will remove mites from the carpet. Dirt and dust Occasional carpet cleaning is a first requirement, follow so here are some carpet cleaning methods.

Steam cleaning method, If you have not been to the carpet clean for many years, or if you want to get rid of a dark spot or steam cleaner is the most capable suitable carpet cleaning method.Steam cleaning will actually use hot water from 150 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The warm water helps to get rid of harmful bacteria and other allergens. Exit This hot water is mixed with a detergent and sprayed onto the carpet with a high pressure. Hot water pressure and helps to loosen the dirt hidden in the carpet. Steam cleaning by professional carpet cleaners can be effective, but can prove costly. If you are thinking of trying the steam cleaning method at home, consult a professional in the amount of the temperature and pressure of the water to be used. You can read more on home steam carpet cleaners.

Carpet Shampoo method, If you compare the cleaning methods, carpet shampoo method is the most efficient and easy to do cleaning method. This method involves the use of a cleaner or a shampoo that is actually spread to the carpet. Then, a round brush is used to create a foam. The foam attracts and collects the soil and the soil particles in the carpet. Then the carpet is left to dry or you can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the accumulated dirt. This carpet cleaning method is very simple and can be performed at home. If your carpet is old and has become loose, do not use a very strong detergent, because it might even lead to cracks.

Dry powder method, In this method, the carpet is cleaned without using water, so it is the best dry carpet cleaning method. A dry powder is usually made ​​of detergent which has a high absorptive property. This dry powder is sprinkled on the carpet, along with some water. Then the carpet is placed in a rotating machine which helps to spread the powder on the carpet after running for about fifteen minutes. A vacuum cleaner is used to suck the accumulated dust.

Methods for cleaning home carpets, If you can not afford the above methods, or you must discard a number of carpet cleaning methods that you can from food stains or oily stains on your carpet, then following cleaning to your rescue.

cleaner with white vinegar, mix equal parts white vinegar, a liquid detergent and lukewarm water.Apply this mixture on the carpet and then scrub with a brush. Rinse in hot water. Hopefully the stain completely washed away.

Lemon, vinegar and borax; Make a thick paste by mixing equal parts of borax and vinegar and then add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply on the colored part. After this vacuum the carpet or wash it with a detergent. Read more on How to clean carpets, Carpet Stain Removal Tips: to remove carpet stains; Best Carpet Cleaning Methods, If you follow the above carpet cleaning methods to exhaustive, you can hire professional help. But as I said, clean the carpet on a daily or weekly basis is the best thing you can do for maintaining a beautiful, long-lasting carpet.


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