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How to Trim your own hair


The basic idea of trimming is to cut off the ends of your hair (dead hair), for the remaining hair to keep growing longer. Trimming also helps if you want to give yourself a fresh, new look. Whatever the reason, you can easily learn how to make your own hair cut and do it at home yourself. It is a very simple and quick process that will help you save the money and time you spend in a salon.

How to Trim long hair for women; You should shampoo and condition your hair long before you start trimming. Dry your hair with a towel so they stay moist. It is easier to cut. Damp hair Keep a spray bottle of water handy, because you need it while in order, if your hair from drying. , Comb your hair straight back and ensure that it tangle free. Now, with the help of a comb, from the hair piece from top to bottom, to be found in the one trim section at the same time. , With your fingers, make it part of her under that you want your hair cut, by holding between your index and middle fingers. Cut the portion of hair below the fingers with the help of a pair of scissors. , Do this for all sections and be careful while shearing, if you should be in a straight line after trimming the hair. Once all parts are trimmed, you are ready to show off your self-trimmed hair. ; Read more on Hairstyles for Long Hair, Haircut Ideas for Long Hair, Hairstyles with bangs for long and medium length hair, such as: How do your own hair with clippers Trim; You must either wash your hair and getting towel dried or spray water out through an atomizer to create damp. , Combine this damp hair back and divide it into different sections, cut your top hair with the help of clippers. , Hold the section of hair you want to trim between your two fingers and with the help of scissors, cut the area under the fingers. , Do this for all the sections of hair you have made. Get the clippers when you're done and admire your hair cut. ; Read more about how to use clippers.

How to Trim your own hair for men, a very good place to cut your own hair is a bathroom, because it is easier to make after trimming the place clean. Also, you will have two mirrors, front and rear, for a better view and understanding of your hair get. Before you start, make sure your hair is completely dry. , You start now cut your hair from the top. With the help of your thumb and forefinger, maintaining some of its turning. By Snip this section with the aid of a pair of scissors. Do this for the scalp until you are satisfied with the length of your hair. , Use the above method for trimming hair from both sides. You can be innovative in this area and trim hair even shorter than those on the scalp. ; The hardest part is trimming hairs on the neck. You will need to use an electric razor or clippers to trim in this area. Start trimming the neck and move in the upward direction, slowly. Keep an eye on the mirror how the trim looks to see. That's all! Now take a bath to remove as per your desire. Extra hair and style , Such as: How to Trim Your own hair: Tips and warnings; You are not allowed to get in the first few attempts, the desired hairstyle but do not lose hope. Practice for a few times will help you to master and you will see. Improving yourself , Anders does not appear the luxury of two mirrors, you can use a CD in front of you and as a mirror. , Be careful when cutting with scissors the hair around your ears as you can inadvertently cut your ear. No rush, instead, be the patient. ; The scissors is used for cutting hair must be sharp, and preferably the one used for cutting hair. While cutting hair, hold the scissors moves steadily in one direction. Bend your fingers or tilt them if the hair cut by making it uneven spoil. , In case you do not belong in certain parts of yourself, you can always take help of a friend or family member. ; Read more about Haircut Styles Ideas After learning how to cut your own hair, you will surely be tempted to try it at home. There is no harm in doing as you can always go to a salon, when things are not realized as per your wish.


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