Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some Useful Eyebrow Threading Tips


Different hair removal techniques are used to get rid of unsightly hair. Threading and waxing are the most common used to remove unwanted facial hair. When you look at someone, you find his or her face and then you notice the eyes. Beautiful eyes can catch your attention immediately. Well shaped eyebrows are an essential part of a beautiful face. Bushy eyebrows or shapeless eyebrows can easily kill your appearance no matter what make-up policy you follow. Men and women, both trying to achieve shaped eyebrows by regularly visiting the beauty salons properly. But you can save a few dollars, if you do it yourself at home. Eyebrow threading is an easy and inexpensive way of taking care of your eyebrows. Here are some eyebrow threading.

Eyebrow threading; For eyebrow threading, you need 100% cotton thread and a skin toner. ; The word threading may sound painful, but eyebrow threading is not painful. , Cut the cotton thread to about 24 inches to get part and tie the two ends together to form a circle. , In both hands, hold the wire in all your fingers and thumbs. Then open your hands, so the circle will be transformed into a rectangle in your hands. , Now you expect to run the wire about 10 times in the middle so that it looks like an X, with the twisted part in the middle. Peradventure Initially you will find it a bit difficult, but you should practice pushing the twisted part of the thread to the right by extending the fingers and thumb of your left hand while closing the fingers to the thumb of your right hand. Try it the other way. If you are required to do it in both directions, practice pushing the twisted section on the left by extending the fingers and thumb of your right hand while closing the fingers to the thumb of your left hand. A little practice can make it easy. , Keeping in mind that it should be removed, place the threaded portion of the wire just to the side of the hair you want to remove the skin. Now you are supposed to skillfully move your hands. Gently roll the twisted portion along the skin from side to side a mix of the unwanted hair, either to the right or left, which way you're feeling better, by doing what we have learned in the previous steps. Try to capture the hairs in the twisted portion and then just pull. They can thus be eliminated from the follicles. Fast , It is always safe to begin with the hair in between the two eyebrows. You can then move up to the top and then to the bottom. You should take care when removing the hair from the bottom line of the eyebrow, because this area is the most sensitive area. The eyebrow forms will depend on the original natural form and the general shape and the size of the face. Read more about eyebrow shaping tips. , U may be cut to remove it from the follicles of the length of some of the hair with a scissors, if there is no need for them. , At the end, do not forget to apply to close the pores, which are left open by the removal of hair on the skin toner directly from the follicles. This prevents the skin from drying out and will give. A soothing effect ; The above procedure clearly indicates that threading eyebrows is a very simple and easy method to shape your eyebrows. Now let's compare eyebrow threading resins.

Eyebrow Threading vs. Waxing, Eyebrow threading is more precise than waxing and threading, you get better lines. , Eyebrow threading technique is quite cheap than waxing. , Waxing is more time consuming than threading. , Waxing can be more messy than threading. , Eyebrow threading is a good choice if there are no harmful products are used. Threading is a natural way for easy removal., During waxing, the top layers of skin are peeled or traumatized in the process, while threading is always gentler on the skin. , Side effects of waxing such as irritation, loss of flexibility are taken into account after waxing. There are no side effects of eyebrow threading. , If you do not know how you were eyebrows, the process can be very painful. Eyebrow threading is almost painless procedure. ; The above points regarding eyebrow threading vs waxing may not be taken if you have your eyebrows done by an experienced professional eligible. He or she will be extremely careful when waxing or threading. No wonder women are interested in eyebrow threading, it is true that even without makeup, shapely eyebrows give you a glamorous look. It is now so common that no one raises his eyebrows on hearing about 'eyebrow threading.

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