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How to apply false eyelashes


Eyelashes are considered to be one of the symbols of beauty, especially in women. The effects of fluttering eyelashes history! Everyone is not blessed with thick, lush lashes, in fact there are very few people who have that magical eyelashes. But that does not mean that the majority of the beauties have to be on their prom nights only due to that one reason disappointed! False eyelashes are a good remedy. Do you think false eyelashes are easy to spot, and they can easily recognize only if you do not apply the right way. There are no trick for applying false eyelashes, there are only a few steps that must be religiously followed by the end of this you are blessed with a beautiful false eyelashes! Let's look at the different types of lashes and then move to your question, 'how to apply false eyelashes? "

False eyelashes - Types

There are mainly three types of false eyelashes available, strip lashes, individual strands separate and torches. They are basically different in length. One can choose one of them in accordance with the occasion. You should also be able to implement them, you should not feel uncomfortable wearing them, and that is why you should choose the ones that you feel you are most comfortable.
Individual wires closest to real lashes, eyelashes usually be applied above the real lashes, but individual lashes are directly linked to the real eyelashes, which is why they give to the original lashes a volume. Strip lashes are ones that can be easily recognized, they are generally used to give a general flirtatious look and are therefore usually used partying in the evening. The third type of false eyebrows, separate torches are not as long as strip or individual flares, they are short and are generally applied to the actual colors of eyelashes look longer than fuller. Now that you know the nature of the lashes, let's learn how to fake eyelashes now.

How false eyelashes

The first step is very clean. If you try to glue on the lashes Which have makeup applied, the false eyelashes never stick. The reason for this is that most of the cosmetics containing the oil-based, which makes it impossible for glue stick. So first clean the eyelids with an oil-free makeup remover and also remember to dry the eyelids well. Next choose your eyelashes, there are several colors in them. If you want to keep it natural, go for the classic black / brown color. If you are in party mood and do not care much about keeping your false eyelashes a secret, go for colored eyelashes! Read more about dyeing the eyelashes.
The main purpose of false eyelashes to make your eyes look different, and for that purpose, they are quite long and wide are generally beyond the normal eyebrows so you have to cut them. Are not immediately choose a pair of scissors and cut some of the eyelashes! First keep it on your eyes and see how much needs to be trimmed. Take a pair of tweezers and trim whip by LASH, measurement after each lash. Read on eyelashes.

Now, the application of glue. There are two easy ways to false eyelashes with glue, apply to the eyebrows. The first way is to take the back of your hand a little glue and quickly move through the eyelash. Second, you can use a toothpick to apply glue. Once you glue on the false eyelashes, looking in the mirror of application and place the edge of the eyelashes on the edge of the eyelid and then slowly place it on the eyelid. Keep it for about thirty seconds and then just lift your fingers. If you want, you can now apply eyeliner and mascara on your fake eyelashes.

Read more on: Eye makeup Apply false eyelashes: These were the easiest answers to "how to apply false eyelashes?" So now that you know how to use false eyelashes, you can go and try on different lashes until you see that dream! All the best!

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