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Bronzing Lotion


The fascination for tanned skin has around thirty million Americans to indoor tanning methods such as tanning beds and lotions to get that.'s Rich bronzed look However, if you're not a big fan of tanning beds and the damage caused by UV rays and still want spectacular tanning satisfaction, a bronzing lotion is definitely the best option for you. Not only do these lotions provide ingredients that make darker look, the skin but also help to accelerate the tanning process. Available as powders, lotions, moisturisers, gels and sprays, lotions give it a deep dark bronze colour to your skin. Here's a look at some more information about bronzing tanning lotions.

Bronzing Lotions Do What Is the main ingredient in bronzing lotions or bronzer is dihydroxyacetone or DHA. This amino acid from sugar cane reacts on the protein components in the skin making it turn brown. This FDA approved chemical is used in sync with erythrulose that helps in averting the stripes and orange color that were associated with traditional tanning lotions. However, these chemical bronzing lotion is very different than the cosmetic bronzers that just give without chemical reaction with the skin. Different color Some of these lotions also moisturizers skin hydrated and supple. Contain ingredients such as hemp seed oil, shea butter, aloe vera, essential oils and enriched with vitamins A, E, C and antioxidants, the bronzing tanning lotions keep the skin firm and youthful, while increasing the brown color. Most of them have great fragrances such as citrus and fruit scents too. The ingredients and scents can vary with the different brands. However, it is important to keep in mind that none of these lotions offer no protection against the sun in mind. Some of the best bronzing lotions contain Supertan Estee Lauder Sunless Spray Elizabeth Arden Daily Bronzer Self, L'Oreal Ombrelle Sunless Tanning Cream for Faces SPF 15 and Clinique Self-Sun Body Quick Bronze Self-Tanner. Read more about tanning lotions for fair skin.

Bronzing tanning lotions: How to apply bronzing lotion While not help in getting the tanned glow on the skin, it is essential to know how to apply it. Uneven application can result in the skin streaks and uneven. Here's a look at the step by step procedure how bronzing lotions for a natural tanned look application.

Step # 1: Begin by scrubbing to remove the surface skin with a loofah to the flaky dead skin cells. This will help you avoid the uneven application of the lotion.

Step # 2: Clean your face and the parts of the body where you apply the lotion. Excess oil, dirt and product buildup can prevent the tanning lotions penetrate the skin, causing an uneven appearance. Moreover, bronzing lotions best applied after your shower. This helps in locking the moisture in, and can be really helpful in hot and cold weather patterns.

Step # 3: Take a quarter sized amount of lotion in your hand and evenly over your arms and legs, making sure that you have all the visible cover area. Apply a thin layer and then follow it with another ten to fifteen minutes. This way the lotion does not drip and streak-free. Make sure the first coat of bronzing lotion to dry completely before applying the second coat.

Step # 4: Wash your hands after applying the lotion, because to avoid concentrated orange spots around your hands and nails beds this.
Read more on: Self Tanning Tips, Best self tanner; When choosing bronzing lotion, one that is closer to your skin tone. Do not apply daily as you would end up looking orangy instead than getting the bronzed look. Be careful around the face and apply the bronzer evenly all the way down your neck and around your eyes. Bronzing lotions are a great alternative to natural tanning the skin exposed to the rays of the sun can cause skin cancer.


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